WP 013 – Krasse Profitools

Nach dem Ferngespräch in der letzten Woche haben wir uns wieder live am Wittenbergplatz eingefunden. Speise: Schinkenbrötchen und Tarte au Citron von Lindner. Danach unternehmen wir einen Geek-Spaziergang zu Conrad Electronic in Schöneberg.

Themen der Sendung: Freiburg, Wahlen Berlin, Pirat Pavel Mayer (Zu Gast bei Chaosradio Express), Anke backt Kuchen, Jakob: Fußball ahnungslos, Bullet Time, Die Partei der Rationalen Vorgehensweise (RATIVOR), animierte GIFs, Batteriepreise, Arduino, Upskirt-Kameras, Navigationsgeräte vs Mobiltelefon, Solarpanel und -Schnickschnack, Kettensägen, Because the Night (Patti Smith), Wikipedia für die Hosentasche: WikiReader (siehe auch), Spaziergang Hongkong-Abteilung, Die Kühle Hand von Roland Koch.

Wir freuen uns über Bewertungen und Kommentare bei iTunes.

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I was born in Düsseldorf, Germany in October 1978 by the name Felix Hartmut Beck. Twentyfive years later Google decided to change my name with one of their early translation services into the more international version ‘Hardmood’. I got used to it and it became kind of my pseudonym (…and sometimes its ♥–mood). I was always interested in LEGO, paper airplanes, art-projects, punkrock and ever since I can remember I loved to play around with technical stuff. After running the Berlin-Marathon I started to study New Media Design at the University of La Laguna (Canary Islands, Spain) and the University of the Arts Berlin where I did my thesis summa cum laude in the form of a digital pilgrimage in summer 2007. Parallel to my job I graduated in February 2011 as Meisterschüler (Master Scholar) under the patronage of Prof. Joachim Sauter. Following Goethe’s smart words (I suppose it was Goethe)” It is not important where we are, but where we go.” (or sth like this), I work on either self-commissioned Design-, (Interactive) Architecture and Media-Art projects as a single person or in team with Simon Schießl or as an Art Director and Concept Designer for the great design office ART+COM. Together with my lovely wife I am living in Berlin, driving my Mini Cooper and 1975 Vespa 50 Special, drinking Yerba Mate (and Club Mate), playing Tischfussball, re-assembling technology and broadcasting the WttnPtt-podcast together with my friend Jakob Lehr. I am a founding member of the charity organisation Pratham e.V. a non-profit organisation that promotes education of slum dwelling children in India. As one of the organisators of the Indo-German Business Forum I collect donations for Pratham.

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